Many friends and family wonder why I am so politically involved?


Prior to the 2016 Presidential Election, I found myself getting extremely angry at the direction of America. It seemed that the inmates were running the asylum.

Then a miracle happened. Donald Trump, a successful businessman decided to run for President. WOW, did this ever energize me to get involved and do all I could to make this dream come true.


        • I started to Blog
        • I organized voter registration
        • I began to create political memes
        • I created the social network


Lo and behold we have President Donald Trump, our beautiful and classy First Lady Melania and a fine young man, Baron in the White House. Making America Great Again is just the beginning. Now we need to Keep America Great by re-electing him in 2020!

As I got bored and to be honest fed up with having to open my 5th Twitter account and 4th Facebook account due to their extreme censorship of Conservatives, I made the decision to build and launch Check it out.