My Rants and Raves
       Live from beautiful Nicaragua
You may wonder why I am so politically involved?
Prior to the 2016 Presidential Election, I found myself getting extremely angry at the direction of America. It seemed that the inmates were running the asylum.

Then a miracle happened. Donald Trump, a successful businessman decided to run for President. WOW, did this ever energize me to get involved and do all I could to make this dream come true.

  • I started to Blog
  • I organized voter registration
  • I began to create political memes
  • I created the Free1st social network

Lo and behold we have President Donald Trump, our beautiful and classy First  Lady Melania and a fine young man, Baron in the White House. Making America Great Again is just the beginning. Now we need to Keep America Great!

I am determined to protect the 1st Amendment
by creating a
Social Media Network that will

Honor and Protect Free Speech.
What is Free1st?
Censorship is killing social media. Facebook and Twitter bleeding users by the millions and stock prices tanking. Now the Government is investigating the blatant liberal bias in both. So what better time to try a bold action. 

Free1st brings you Freedomsbook and Sqwaak  where the 1st Amendment is Alive and Well. You will not be censored but you will be protected.

Movie Poster Political Memes
Hundreds to choose from. Feel free to share and post in your Social Media world.