I was raised in Pinellas Park, Florida. A great place to grow up. Lots of friends, things to do and always safe.

Our parents looked after all of us. My Dad and Mom were involved in Youth Sports so we spent many evenings playing baseball, watching football and hanging out at the Boys Club.

School was always a good time. I played Baseball, Football, Basketball and I was on the Swimming and Diving team at Dixie Hollins High School until I got thrown out for tossing the Dean of Boys into the swimming pool.


After High School as I was looking at Universities I received my Draft Notice and lottery number. Trust me when I tell you that 12 is not a good number! So rather than be drafted I joined the Marine Corp in Sept. 1968 and by Jan. 1969 I was in Vietnam.

I worked on the A6 Intruder at Da Nang airbase until our squadron pulled out and I ended up assigned to Americal Division in Phu Bai where I learned all about Helicopters. Did you know they do not glide very well. If you have ever dropped an egg on the floor you get the picture.


The years following my tour of duty serving my country was dedicated to raising a family and embarking on a career. Long hours at work followed by long hours at the Little League field coaching youth baseball. Naturally you have to help everywhere so Umpiring and working the Concession Stand was par for the course. 

I had the privilege of coaching three wonderful sons Ken, Jason and Matt until they moved on with their own lives. Now I have Grandchildren to watch grow up. 


Basically I am an old Geek having started working in the Computer field when they were as big as my car and programmed with punch cards. Over the years I specialized in the Industrial Computer and Automation Industry.

Learning many different hardware and software systems and helping Manufacturing and Processing company’s all over the world to implement Industrial Control Products.

I worked primarily with Allen-Bradley and ICOM Software until they were purchased by Rockwell Automation. I remained with them until I retired in 2006.


In 2006 it was time for a new life adventure so I moved to Costa Rica. I set out to start my own business, so I combined my passion for playing online Poker with my skill in business and opened PICclub an online gaming processing company.

Naturally we wrote our own software and setup our own hardware system to run it. While we were building PICclub my passion for poker led us to opening Poker Pros Network online, again using our own software. Eventually we were operating PICclub, PPN and MyPaylinQ (another processing company). I closed these in 2014.              IT WAS TIME TO PARTY!


So I took the partying serious. Reuniting with my son Matthew in 2011 was these best of times, We worked, we played and we loved being together. Let’s not forget the GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS.

We threw one hell of a party for my 60th birthday. Little did I know it was close to being my last. 26 hours after the party ended I had 2 major heart attacks. Flat lining for a total of 21 minutes. But I guess it wasn’t my time because here I am in Nicaragua now sharing my life with a wonderful woman (Danelia) and doing my utmost to help President Trump to Make America Great Again.


Life took a turn for the worse when my son Matthew lost his battle with Heroin.

For 15 years he gave the demon a good fight but the Devil finally won.

There is no pain in the world worse than losing a child to drugs. Something that is preventable. RIP my dear Matthew.

We need the Border Wall now. There is no excuse to delay it any longer and President Trump needs to step up the pressure on Congress to fund it. If the fail to add it into the budget I have no problem with the President ordering the Military Corp of Engineers to get the wall built.